Could time stand still? Could Johannes Vermeer have known that? Fascinated by Vermeer’s timeless works, Dutch photographer Carolien Sikkenk, visited historical locations in Delft associated with Vermeer.  Most of her subjects were photographed at these locations.

It is almost three and a half centuries ago and yet when analysing the pictures, time appears to have stood still! From large poetic works to a series of tranquil portraits, one gets to see iconic Vermeer figures with modern features. Despite all the differences, the image remains intact. Is the subject reading a letter or Instagramming? Could it be that anyone could be the girl (or boy) with a Pearl earring.

The exhibition has had its premiere between June 2019 and December 31 2019 at the Vermeer Center, Delft.  Currently some of the works are now part of the permanent collection.

Photoline • Carolien Sikkenk • Laurillardlaan 10 • 2082 HG Santpoort-Zuid • The Netherlands •  info@photoline.nl

Photoline • Carolien Sikkenk
Laurillardlaan 10 • 2082 HG Santpoort-Zuid
The Netherlands •  info@photoline.nl

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